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The New iPad - A Few Thoughts On Apple's Announcement

It’s all good stuff. Higher resolution. Faster processor. More memory. LTE.

It’s a nice upgrade, and I imagine the screen is going to be the wow-factor everyone will be talking about once they actually play with it.

But for me, an owner of the original iPad, I won’t be lining up to get the new iPad on March 16th.

A few other thoughts:

  • It’s inevitable that I will upgrade. I have to. I use the iPad as my main mobile device. No more laptops for me. I’m sure the new apps will demand more power and some won’t work with the original iPad. I’ll have to upgrade.
  • No MSFT Office. Odd, for sure. I was really hoping for this announcement, and maybe it will still come. I don’t do a lot of work with Office but I do want to see the coverage of Microsoft on an iPad.
  • LTE. I’ve heard great things about LTE. 4G. All that stuff. This isn’t as big of a deal to me since I picked up the wifi-only model. There are tons of hotspots and I have enough stuff to keep me occupied offline.

Even though I’m not gushing over the new iPad and won’t be rushing out to pick one up, I completely disagree with Matt Hartley:

With the launch of the next generation of its iPad tablet, Apple Inc. has staked, once again, its claim to the throne atop the tablet kingdom — while at the same time opening a window for its rivals to finally catch up.

Source: Financial Post

Matt missed it. Big time. Apple’s announcement, much like the iPhone 4S, will close that window even further. The reason? The price cut on the iPad 2.

By decreasing the cost of the iPad 2 by $100 (wifi only), Apple is doing a few things:

  • Clearing inventory
  • Opening the iPad to new buyers
  • Competing on price

That’s trouble for Amazon, Google, et al.

Or, as MG Siegler says:

Right now, the iPhone is king of the Post-PC world. But Cook and others at Apple have had no reluctance in predicting that the iPad business could be even larger one day.

Source: TechCrunch

The bigger thing is the ecosystem Apple is slowly introducing. Apple TV. Mountain Lion. Siri. iCloud. These things, coupled with iTunes and an Apple device, will likely change the way we interact with our day-to-day activities. And change in a good way.

Oh, the name of the new iPad? We’ll get over it before the first iPad is sold next week.

Remember the uproar the name “iPad”?

Yeah, me neither.

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