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Skipping The News

Hey, the new iPad will be announced today. It’s a big deal, for people in all types of industries. You’ll likely read about it – either by looking for it or it finding you – then move on.
But what do you do if you are not Apple and you have news to announce?

Do you skip today – and even this week – to make your announcement public?

I suppose it depends on what the news is. If it’s something you want the world to know about and you *think* it’s newsworthy, then you’ll probably skip this week.

If it’s something you don’t want the world to know about and you *have* to to announce it, it’s probably a good day / week to do so.

Within an organization, if you have a major announcement, that’s all you announce. Nothing more. You schedule all other announcements for the next week. Now, it seems, within an industry, when Apple has a major announcement, you schedule all other announcements for next week.

Unless, of course, it’s news you don’t want covered.

If you’re skipping the Apple news, don’t ignore all technology / media / business stories today. There might be some news that’s posted today in hopes you’ll skip it.

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