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Who Ate All The Pies?

The reason people love football is not just the actual game, but the buzz and the sounds of being there…
New York Times: Soccer’s Sound of Team Spirit

We met some colleagues a few years ago at a New York Red Bulls game. It was a good one, too – the Los Angeles Galaxy (with Donovan, Beckham, et al) were visiting and it was one of Thierry Henry’s first games with New York, along with Rafa Marquez. A great game to catch.

But the one thing we remember about the game were the chants. We were sitting in the ‘ultra’ section and we couldn’t stop laughing. I can only imagine that same crowd when Philadelphia comes to play.

Oh, Los Angeles won 1-0 and Beckham never played. The stadium was beautiful and getting there and back was simple.

But those fans. And those chants. (*Shaking head*)