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Does Your Team Trust You?

After some thought, most eventually say something like, “Well, I think so. I hope so. No one’s said he doesn’t.” In fact, as they ultimately admit, they don’t really know for sure.
It’s a question worth asking. Do your people trust you?

– From an HBR introduction to an upcoming series of posts on the topic of trust and teams.

Should be a fascinating and fun read. Managing teams is challenging and difficult but most of all, it’s incredibly rewarding. Finding the right match between team and leader / manager can be a frustrating process, and one that can result in innumerable successes.

If you are interested in a global brand with an incredibly talented team searching for a leader, look no further than the current (and very public) drama at Chelsea Football Club.

As the HBR introduction continues…

Indeed, the need for such openness may cut against the grain of many managers, especially new managers, who believe that as the boss they’re able to take action without having to explain it to everyone involved.

I find it odd that new managers today would be less open and transparent than their predecessors. In a world of increasing openness, do new managers believe this isn’t a good thing?

The managers and leaders I’ve known to be exceptional have been very open and available, which helped their teams build trust and success.

The flip side is the opposite.

I do hope these new managers believe in and support open and transparent communication with their teams.

The HBR Series is great, and this book in
particular asks the right questions for a better you.

On Managing Yourself

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