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Reach Your Community

How do we keep the level of engagement with our customers / partners / prospects / employees without sacrificing a huge chunk of our budget?

This question was asked at the end of a marathon review of a team’s technology and communications strategy. It was a tough question to answer, with many pieces to the puzzle. But there is a simple solution:

Email marketing.

Yes, we can talk about social media and SEO and SEM, but the agreement was most people end are in their inbox a good chunk of the day. With this agreement, what was the best way to strengthen their client relationships without losing their focus on building prospects, while keeping employees and partners informed of company news.

MailChimp Logo

Enter MailChimp and the Forever Free Plan:

  • Send up to 12,000 emails per month
  • No contracts
  • No credit card required

Once signed up, the goal was to sit down and understand some of the fundamental pieces:

  • A/B Testing
  • Lists and Groups
  • Campaign Templates
  • Reports

As these concepts were understood, a signup form was added to the company’s website to ensure visitors were able to register to receive the company’s email newsletter.

Next, a generic timeline was built to help understand when certain emails would be released. The timeline covered news releases, along with events and special notices (sales, product updates, etc.).

With the tool and timeline in place, the fun part was ahead – creating the engaging content that would keep the members of the list coming back to the website (and hopefully purchasing more).


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