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Italy v. USA

The United States plays Italy tomorrow in Genoa. With the recent roster moves due to injury, the US team might be in a bit of a hole, but I think they’ll do well.
A few meaningless thoughts ahead of the game…

I don’t think this is a surprise but in the last 22 games, Italy is 9-4-9 (W-L-T). The USA is 9-8-5. They both have 9 wins. That’s impressive.

(This run included the World Cup for Italy and the Gold Cup for the USA.)

Take that a bit further and over those same 22 games, Italy has won or drawn 82% of its games. The USA? 64%.


Over the past 22 games, the USA has been credited with 21 goals scored, while Italy has been credited with 28. That’s less than 1 goal per game for the USA and 1.27 goals per game for Italy.

There have been changes in both squads – in personnel and coaches. Italy doesn’t seem to have missed a beat – in fact, they’ve gained ground by winning or drawing in 90% of its last 10 games.

The USA has won or drawn in 60% of it’s last 10 games – they seem to have stepped back a bit.

(Klinsmann has been in charge of the USA for a less amount of time than Prandelli.)

I think Bradley will play very well and the defense will have a tough time handling Italy’s overlapping runs.

My guess, it will play out to a 2-2 draw, which will be a great result for the USA.


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(Source for all numbers: ESPN Soccernet.)