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Mountain Lion From Apple - A New Way To Work From Home

Mountain Lion From Apple - A New Way To Work From Home

OSX Mountain Lion AirPlay

Apple released news about their upcoming OSX update, Mountain Lion, and there are a ton of really great features (and I’m sure at least “one more thing”). But here’s one that caught my eye:

AirPlay Mirroring
Your Mac is on TV. This new feature in Mountain Lion is made for an audience. With AirPlay Mirroring, you can stream what’s on your Mac to your HDTV via Apple TV. Show web pages and videos to friends on the couch. Share lessons with a classroom. Present to a conference room. It’s a big deal for your Mac. And for everyone around it.


So, if I’m reading this correctly, the Mountain Lion update will allow me to stream my desktop / apps from my Mac to my TV via Apple TV. If I had a wireless keyboard and trackpad, doesn’t that mean I can take those with me, sit in front of the TV, and work?

If my TV is (much) bigger than my monitor, why would I not want to do this?

Working from home may have just gotten more fun / challenging.

(Oh, and this adds a bit more support behind my belief that laptops are going away.)


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