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Do You Want This Guy On Your Team?

Do You Want This Guy On Your Team?

There’s this guy who is looking for work. Actually, he’s being pushed out of his current organization. He’s basically been isolated from the rest of his team but they won’t fire him. The whole thing is really odd.
He made some comment or did something benign, but his boss thought her authority was being challenged. So now he’s kind of stuck. Looking for work.

This guy’s record is exceptional. He’s bounced around a few different organizations over the past few years, but he’s always performed remarkably no matter where he lands. (He even became the lead person in his role at one point.)

I haven’t worked with him directly and the things I hear aren’t always flattering, but I see what he does and I can’t believe he’s looking for work.

It’s quite possible all this person needs is the ‘right fit’. That fit might be a challenge to find, but it can’t be hard to figure out what the ‘wrong fit’ is (see employers, previous).

But imagine if your team was the right fit? He’s been great. And your team is probably doing pretty well. If you can mix the two together, can you imagine the success?

Yes, it might take a bit of hand-holding and a lot of communication, but wouldn’t that be worth it?

We all know that colleague who was super bright / ambitious / friendly but just didn’t fit in. It might have been the culture. It could have been the boss. It could have been both. Or something different altogether.

Things might have gotten bad before they left, but they eventually ended up leaving and finding something that was more their speed. They found their “right fit” and their success accelerated dramatically (and their teams benefited tremendously!).

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