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Upper West Side: Meet Your Neighbor, Adrian

I met Adrian on the Upper West Side at our first Work from Home meeting. I had been to Sydney a few times and London once (and was going shortly after we met), and it was great to hear some ‘local’ stories. Adrian has an entrepreneurial spirit along with one quality that ranks high above most anything else: He’s a fan of Liverpool Football Club.
After living in other cultural and cosmopolitan cities, I thought it’d be fun to find out a bit more.

You can find Adrian on Twitter (@astraiton).

What have you been up to lately?
I just got back from visiting my wife’s family in Slovakia, which incidentally is the first time I’ve seen them since we got married in London last March! With the holiday season over, however, my current focus is to start a second business in the US.

I just recently began renting a desk in NoHo as I found working from home for the last few months had its challenges and I missed the energy of working in a more interactive environment.

How did you end up on the UWS?
I grew up in Sydney but moved to London in 2004 to both broaden my career and engage my passion for travel. My wife, whom I met my in London in 2007, was recently asked to transfer to the New York office which was an opportunity we couldn’t refuse.

With the daunting task of finding an apartment, we quickly fell in love with the Upper West Side because of its spacious and leafy atmosphere.

Any recent UWS outings you’d like to share?
I really enjoy the MyUpperWest blog feature on openings and closings. Recently I tried Jacob’s Pickles, which is a great addition to the area. Although for something much more casual, the new On Tap bar at Whole Foods in Columbus Circle is also a great addition (if you can find get a spare seat).

How does the UWS compare to the neighbourhoods in London, Sydney?
The appeal of Manhattan in general is that there are so many options at your fingertips that can be easily reached. Sydney and London definitely have their own unique characteristics; however, they could never replicate the great energy and vibe that exists in New York City.

Who should I chat with next?
You should talk with @jamieLee74 whom I met at the UWS Working from Home group. She’s an Upper West Side entrepreneur with a fantastic energy whom is currently ramping up her beach body fitness revolution!