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Free Marketing


It’s an odd word, Free.

These days, it’s normally tied to a bevy of hooks you don’t want to sign up for or ladders you don’t want to climb through.

We’re removing the hooks and ladders.

We’re offering our services – marketing, sales, copy writing, copy editing, design, technical – to you.

Our goal is to help you to reach your community.


For Free.


Why are we doing this?

Because we can, and because we want to. There’s something gratifying about giving back to the community who has been so good to us.

Why should you take advantage of this?

Because we’ve done this for a long time, for a lot of people, in a lot of different industries and disciplines.

Plus, this probably isn’t your core competency, right? Let us focus on this part so you can focus on running your business.


Tons of people can use these services and because we’re offering them for Free, we’d like to offer a loose guideline* on who we expect to work with:

  • Local: New York City
  • Size: < 20 employees
  • Industry: Any
  • Giving: You have a goal to give back to your community

*We like to act local! Not all of these must be met but these are the types of folks we’ve worked with previously.


To take advantage of this offer, we’ll need to receive our Super Simple Free Agreement from you, signed, by 2:00PM ET on January 31, 2012.

We’ll work with you through May 2012 based on your needs, giving us – collectively – an overwhelming amount of feedback to plan our – again, collectively – future goals.

That’s four months of services.

For Free.


It’s difficult to put a cap on exactly what Free services we offer. There are a lot of gray lines, and we really don’t want to get stuck figuring out what’s Free and what’s not.

That’s not the business we’re in. Nor is it the business we want to be in.

So, it’s all Free.

  • Copy writing
  • Email campaigns
  • Analysis & reporting
  • Blog / Website setup
  • Copy editing
  • Brochure design
  • Collaboration tools


Ok, you’re interested. Now what?

Provide a bit of information to help us get an appreciation of what you do (and what you want to do!).

In return, you’ll get some details about next steps, along with an overview of who we are and how we’ve helped others.

Once we – collectively – agree to move forward, we’ll get some light paperwork out of the way, and get moving on our – again, collectively – first project.


Click this link to get started.

That’s it.


And Free.