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How Would Your Team Respond?

You may have heard about some unfortunate news in the world of soccer recently. Luis Suarez and John Terry are both accused of saying very naughty things to their peers.
I’m not here to argue right or wrong, or who’s words were likely said with intent. I’m fascinated with the reaction of their colleagues.

On one side, there’s Luis Suarez. His corner has come out swinging, with words of support from his manager, his teammates, and his countrymen. An impressive show of support from folks near and far.

Then there’s this:


Well, that certainly takes it up another level.

During the warmup before their match with Wigan, the ENTIRE LIVERPOOL TEAM showed their support by wearing a Luis Suarez shirt over their training kit.


Forget all the words and interviews and quotes. Bang. There it is. We all fully support our teammate. Hard to shake, that.

Then, there’s John Terry. He was introduced to thought of being prosecuted for his naughty words:

Chief Crown Prosecutor for London said: “I have today advised the Metropolitan Police Service that John Terry should be prosecuted for a racially aggravated public order offence following comments allegedly made …

via Soccernet

Well then.

It’ll be interesting to see how Terry’s teammates respond prior to their match with Tottenham. So far, he’s had the typical niceties from club and boss. I haven’t seen too many of his teammates come out in a show of support.

But, I follow LFC much closer than CFC.

Your Team

Still, how would your team respond if you were accused of something crazy? If you look at your past, have you built up enough personal brand capital to have your team go to bat for you? Both publicly and privately?

A quick stroll down memory lane has John Terry doing / saying some very bad things. He’s kept Chelsea afloat during a transitional period but he hasn’t been the most upright citizen / teammate. He had an affair with his teammate’s girl. He’s married, too.

As Mitch Hedberg would say: Double whammy!

I imagine Terry’s personal brand capital might come into question.

Suarez? He only helped save his country from elimination from the World Cup (Yes, against the rules. Yes, putting team first.) and he does nothing but run his legs out when he’s on the pitch. Some questionable reactions to physical play, for sure. But, as a teammate? The best, and it sounds like he’s a quality guy off the pitch as well.

They both have a big fight in front of them. I wonder which one will come out running while the other one is left on the bench.

And, I wonder how other teams react when their teammate is tarnished.