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Yesterday's Work From Home Meeting - A Recap

These meetings keep getting better – Thanks to everyone that showed up yesterday!
Our third Work from Home meeting (a more clever name is coming, promise) was greeted with terrific, clear weather which helped the attendance tremendously – our biggest group yet! The number and quality of conversations was outstanding. It was great to see so many people giving and receiving great ideas, suggestions, and feedback.

Here’s a quick recap from our December 14 meeting:

  • Setting a Schedule: This was interesting – some folks thought that having a structured schedule helped them focus on their work while others (me, specifically) noted that it was much more easy to work with a flexible schedule. The discussion was great and I think we all agreed that working from home gives us the flexibility to define our own schedules that make us productive.
  • Lists: Whether it’s following the Getting Things Done methodology or just to remember things, lists are important, and are making a comeback.
  • Being Disciplined: This topic gets touched on each meeting. There are a lot of distractions when working from home / remotely, and it’s super easy to get lost in everything that needs to get done. Just because you have access to do these things doesn’t mean they need to get done right now. Having the discipline is incredibly important to being a successful work from homer.
  • Economy: The economy might be rough, but there are so many great opportunities to take advantage of. A few of them we chatted about yesterday included Square, TaskRabbit, LiquidSpace, and WordPress.
  • Talented: Again, the Upper West Side has some talented folks, from all industries and all backgrounds. Awesome to meet and learn from everyone.


Any other thoughts / topics I might have msised? Feel free to add them in the comments below!


With that, I’m hoping to put Meeting #4 together in January. I don’t have a date set yet but I’m hoping the week of January 16 works. I’ll send / post details shortly.

If you’re interested in joining us, feel free sign up here.

Also, we’re putting together some special things that you should start to see in January. The focus will remain on the Upper West Side. We hope you enjoy them.

A huge thanks goes to The Dead Poet Bar. The team has been very helpful and generous with their time and support. Even if you’re not attending one of these meetups, stop for a drink and a neighborhood chat.

Special thanks to @MyUpperWest and @WestSideRag for helping to get the word out. While not everyone was able to make yesterday’s meetup, the amount of interest continues to climb (and that interest comes directly from them!).

A second special thanks goes out to Jose Reyes – Thanks for attending yesterday and helping to get everyone together. Ok, it was a Jose Reyes bobblehead, but he did help bring us together! (There was a bit of Jose Reyes mumbling at the meeting. Understood. I will look for a more NY-friendly mascot for future meetings.)