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Meet with Ease

Frustrated by missed meetings, employees began voting down the ability to connect with prospects and clients. The frustration was easily understood – different timezones coupled with different calendar / reminder applications was creating havoc with everyone’s calendars. 
By utilizing an online scheduling system, employees were able to shift their focus from integrating calendars to supporting the challenges customers and prospects were facing.
Utilizing a free* service called Tungle, support personnel provided their available times in the local timezone of the customer / prospect.
This system is providing a number of benefits:

  • Efficiency: Meetings take minutes to setup. No more worries about availability, timezones, or clock changes.
  • Ownership: Scheduling a meeting now falls in the lap of the customer / prospect, increasing the likelihood that the meeting will be attended.
  • Focus: The support team spends more time on resolving issues than on scheduling meetings.
  • Ease: Since Tungle hooks into Google (Apps) Calendar, the setup was simplified.

While the implementation of Tungle can be seen as a resolution to a technical challenge, I saw this more as a branding opportunity. Allowing your users to connect more easily with you makes your organization much easier to build a stronger and deeper relationship.
Not all marketing efforts are focused on the external. While partners, customers, clients, prospects, etc. are ultimately the target of these efforts, there are some internal tweaks that can help these targets in a very transparent way.
* Premium service available