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Yesterday's Work From Home Meeting - A Recap

Our second work from home meetup kicked off a little late yesterday due to poor weather conditions, but we had a terrific turnout. More great ideas, suggestions, and feedback from the group!
Here’s a quick recap from our November 16 meeting:

  • It’s lonely: The topic we kept coming back to, indirectly and directly, is that it can get lonely working from home. If it’s just heading down to the local Starbucks, it’s always good to get out of our routine. Even though this meeting doesn’t have a lot of structure, it seems like just getting together and chatting with like-minded people is therapeutic.
  • Partners: With the same idea as loneliness, we talked about having partners that we can turn to when we want to bounce an idea around or just to get some feedback. Whether it’s a loved one, a colleague, or a mentor, having that sounding board is really important.
  • Talented: The Upper West Side has some really great talent. We took two business-specific topics yesterday and really dove into them. Lots of great questions and ideas were tossed out, which may even creep into actual conversations in the workplace.
  • OWS: Unfortunately, I had to leave in the middle of this conversation but it was lively when I left!

It was great to meet more neighbors and extended colleagues – Thank you all for attending!

Any other thoughts? Feel free to add them in the comments below!

With that, I’m hoping to put Meeting #3 together in a few weeks. Does December 14 work? We’re getting close to the holidays but if you’re up for joining us, let’s plan on the following:

  • What: Work from Home Meeting
  • Date: Wednesday, December 14
  • Time: 2:00PM – 4:00PM
  • Where: The Dead Poet Bar

A huge thanks goes to The Dead Poet Bar. The team has been very helpful and generous with their time and support. Even if you’re not attending one of these meetups, stop for a drink and a neighborhood chat.

Special thanks to @MyUpperWest and @WestSideRag for helping to get the word out. While not everyone was able to make yesterday’s meetup, there was certainly a lot of interest (and that interest came directly from them!).

A second special thanks goes out to Jose Reyes – Thanks for attending yesterday and helping to get everyone together. Ok, it was a Jose Reyes bobblehead, but he did help bring us together!