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Mobile Nirvana: So Very Close

I’ve been looking for mobile nirvana for awhile now, and I think I’m close. Really close. I’m hoping to build a setup / process / workflow where I can do 90% of my work remote (ie, anywhere). That other 10% I can build into any project to ensure it’s completed.
Three new pieces entered my mobile arsenal over the past ten days:

  • WINGStand
  • Pico Projector
  • Gum Plus Power Pack

These additions, coupled with a few other pieces, have allowed me to get pretty close to my goal of 90%. Here’s how it’s working.

If you have an iPad and an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard, stop reading this and go buy a WINGStand. Right now. Go.

After much anticipation, my set of WINGStands (Thanks for the extra set!!) came this week. I’ve been using a folding easel that has worked well but it took up a ton of space in my bag. The WINGStands take up very little space. They are adjustable and snap right onto the keyboard. Perfect. Really.

Oh, the extra set? The iPhone has a new parking spot.

Pico Projector
I was traveling last week and I had to give a presentation. Actually, a bunch of us were watching a streamed announcement. The problem? I didn’t want to plunk down $$$ on a rental from the A/V team at the hotel where we were all gathered.

We walked down to Best Buy and looked at a few projectors. We were sold on the Pico before even giving it a try. It’s small. Really small. It runs via wall power and battery power (~1 hour). The projection is remarkably crisp and clear. And the projector just looks cool, which makes for a fun talking point.

At first I thought it was pricey ~$300.00 but as we looked at other, bigger projectors, it was competitively priced with the others. Here’s a link to Amazon if you want to check it out. (That’s an affiliate link, by the way.)

I have a massive trip coming up and this will be used extensively. If you stretch your thinking a bit, you could take this with you and hook it up to your iPad and watch anything (movies, TV shows, etc.), wherever you are. That’s a crazy thought.

Gum Plus Power Pack
When you’re mobile, you’ll need some juice. But you don’t need *too* big of a recharge. While it would be nice to carry around a battery pack that will recharge your devices for days, it doesn’t really make sense since you’ll probably be near a wall charger at the end of the day. Unless you are camping. Or sailing. In that case, I’m sure you have some backup power (the car, the boat, etc.).

The Gum Plus Power Pack is great: it’s small enough to fit in a shirt pocket (it’s a bit heavy, but it definitely fits) and it powers both iPhones and iPads. The charge is decent (in one day, I used it to fully charge an iPhone from 15% as well as an iPad from 40%), which is just what I need (since I’m able to recharge overnight).

For more details, check out the Gum Plus on Amazon (another affiliate link!).

I’ve been using the Case Logic iPad Attache (Amazon affiliate link) ever since I picked up the iPad and it’s been a perfect little tote. The new WINGStands will give me a bit more room, which I can probably fill with the Pico projector.

And I can take these pieces anywhere, which means I can work anywhere.



Ps: Are you mobile? How do you work remotely? Our second Work from Home / Remote meeting is planned for November 16. Learn more and stop by to share your insights!