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Work From Home - The First Meetup

Our first work from home meetup went off as planned and we had a bunch of great ideas passed back and forth. From the emails and reactions I’ve received, it sounds like a second meeting is warranted.
Here’s a quick recap from yesterday’s meeting:

  • It’s challenging: We chatted about the challenges in working from home, from motivation to guilt, and how we deal with those challenges. I know I face these regularly, so it was good to hear it from other folks.
  • Location: Speaking of motivation, it’s not always easy to roll out of bed and get ready for the day without ever leaving the home. We talked through a few ideas – I’m a huge fan of utilizing the NYPL at Lincoln Center (Twitter here) when I need to get out and get some work done. Starbucks was another idea. A relatively new tool that allows you to find a workspace is available, called LiquidSpace. Of course, The Dead Poet is a great place in itself (head to the back and pick up the wireless Internet connection).
  • Tools – Speaking of tools, another challenge we discussed was scheduling, especially when it comes to clients / partners in different timezones. I brought up Tungle, which I’ve used successfully for many years. Another tool, which I can’t remember the name of (help!), allows you to utilize a local phone number, no matter your location.

I think the biggest challenge remained a mental one. Something no app or tool can fix entirely. Over time, I’m hoping these meetings will help bring a bit more support and motivation to folks like us.

With that, I’m hoping to put together Meeting #2 in a few weeks. Does November 16 work? If anyone’s up for a second meetup, let’s plan on the following:

  • What: Work from Home Meetup
  • Date: Wednesday, November 16
  • Time: 2:00PM – 4:00PM
  • Where: The Dead Poet Bar

A huge thanks goes to The Dead Poet Bar. The team has been very helpful and generous with their time and support. Even if you’re not attending one of these meetups, stop for a drink and a neighborhood chat.

Special thanks to @MyUpperWest and @WestSideRag for helping to get the word out. While not everyone was able to make yesterday’s meetup, there was certainly a lot of interest (and that interest came directly from them!).