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Barclays on FOX - Man Utd v. Chelsea

Quick update: Looks like the good folks over at EPL Talk share my sentiments…

In case you missed it, Manchester United and Chelsea played yesterday. Twice. Rather, the match was broadcast twice.

I didn’t catch the match live, and stayed away from EPL scores after the Liverpool thrashing as I really wanted to see how FOX did in showing the beautiful game. I’ve had ‘issues‘ with FOX Soccer but this was different – a big game, on a big channel, at a big time slot.

Overall, I think it was a success. A few points I took away:

  • I was shocked to see Wynalda as the lead analyst. Shocked.
  • The pre-match education was good. I appreciated the quick tutorial on how the EPL is different than American sports leagues. Well done there.
  • The announcers were really good. They were so good, I don’t even remember who called it.
  • The feed was super good. We get FOX over the air, and it looked amazing.
  • Fernando Torres: Gutted.

Jenn was sitting there watching the game with me. (She’s not a fan of Rooney: “Plugs? Really? How old is he?”) She was impressed by the feed as well. Really, it looked great. One thing she wanted – more close-ups of the action, kinda like they do with baseball.

I haven’t seen any reactions on EPL Talk or from Grant Wahl. Even a quick review of a Google search and only pulls up reviews of the game, not of the broadcast itself.

Sad to say, but that’s probably where FOX is at with soccer right now: No reviews is good reviews.