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Bye Bye Fox Soccer 2Go

Hello. My name is William and I am a huge fan of soccer. Playing. Reading. Watching. Passion. Emotion. Strategy. History. It’s all there, and it’s all so very good. What’s not so very good is the latest update to Fox Soccer’s iPad app: Fox Soccer 2Go.

As someone with no cable at home, and as someone on the move quite a bit, I was really excited about the updated soccer app. There was talk of some new, really innovative features from the first app. I couldn’t wait to give it a go, even with the monthly price hike.

It fell flat. I was hugely disappointed in the overall service and functionality.

Here’s why (Hey! With pictures!):

SCORING IS NOT “LIVE” So, I’m watching the Twente v. Benfica game yesterday (Have you seen Benfica lately? Seriously entertaining). Twente scores first. But the Match Scores line doesn’t reflect the update:

Twente Benfica - Goal

Twente Benfica – Goal

Twente Benfica Goal Replay

Twente Benfica Goal Replay

Ok, maybe the Match Scores line updates periodically over the course of a game. Fair enough.

I switched over to the Live Ticker / Live Now and even after a goal by Benfica, the stream doesn’t reflect the score. In fact, the game hasn’t even started:

Twente Benfica - Game Started

Twente Benfica – Game Started


Seems like a big miss, that.

WHEN THE VIDEO GOES BAD, IT’S REALLY BAD The video is generally good, and there are so many bad things trying to interrupt a good experience. It’s a wonder any of this stuff ever works at all.

Still, when the video feed is bad, it’s super bad:

Stoke v. Chelsea - Bad Video

Stoke v. Chelsea – Bad Video

QPR v. Bolton - No Video

QPR v. Bolton – No Video

With the QPR match, that’s how the entire game played out. Always “Connecting” but the video was actually playing in the background. Really bad.

I realize the start of the English Premier League started last weekend, and there was likely a mad rush to view these games (either live or on-demand). This is probably a good excuse as to why the site was unresponsive. Except it’s not.

Seems it’s a simple math problem that needs some dedication:

(Number of subscribers + Number of trial-ers) * Average daily demand on bandwidth = Bandwidth need

Actually, I’m terrible at math but still. If I threw a Schlitz party and I came up short on the amount of available Schlitz, and I charged for people to attend, wouldn’t I look really silly?



(Ps – I took that picture THIS MORNING! I may have to have a Schlitz party. Awesome.)

CUSTOMER SUPPORT HAS BEEN EH I switched over to the computer to try and watch some of the games. Bad move. Most of the live games wouldn’t load and the ones that were on-demand came back as a 400 error message.

I’m no HTTP-ologist, so I contacted their support.

Now, my expectations for support on a paid product are pretty high. It’s a terrific opportunity to keep / enhance / extend your image. Plus, I paid for it with my monthly subscription.

The responses I’ve received so far are all client-based – as if I was doing something incorrect.

We want to eliminate any technical issues with your web browser so we would ask you to in the first instance please select one of the listed web browsers below (which is different to your current browser).

Huh? Just point me to your system requirements.

Anyway, I’m on a Mac (a new one!), and I use Chrome. I tried Safari and Firefox. I still had issues.

Thank you for your email.

Please can you carry out the following instructions:

Firstly, can you please close and then re-open your browser to enter the service.

Once you have signed back into the service please press CTRL + F5 on your keyboard to refresh any corrupted cookies that may be effecting your connection to the site.

If your problem continues do not hesitate to contact us again.

Really? I have to go through this every time to watch a game? C’mon.

Since I didn’t hear from them after my response, I followed up to see if they considered the issue closed.

A reminder – the live games have passed. Which totally sucks – isn’t that what I’m paying for? The experience of watching a game? Live?

Thank you for your email.

It is possible that your computer is looking at old pages stored in the cache, or that a cookie has been corrupted.

The site you are using is supported across all platforms – please access the following page for assistance on how to complete this for your browser: http://www.performgroup.com/articles/20080514/website-does-not-appear-to-be-updated_2245066_1312288

Should your symptoms continue please do not hesitate to contact us again.

DONE I’m not going there. In fact, I am closing my account.

Huge soccer fan, hugely disappointed.

I understand stuff doesn’t work now and then, and there are always issues to deal with. But c’mon. This is a bit much.

So, now I get to find another way to fix my soccer addiction. Hopefully Schlitz will be involved.

In case you are interested, on August 25, 2012 I reviewed the latest Fox Soccer 2Go offer.

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