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What Are You Looking At?

One of my side jobs is running the marketing and communications for a software / consulting firm. It’s fun. Actually, it’s a lot of fun.
One thing I’m always curious about is what people are looking at, and why. When we put up a press release – what’s in it that draws people there? We’ve built a bunch of assumptions and run our campaigns from there, but it’s always a fun / challenging question.

With our collective sites down this week (web, support, sales, etc.), we’re getting quite a glimpse into people who are visiting our site. For instance, do you realize a lot of people visit a website / webpage, then just linger?

We’re using a free chat utility from Meebo to help with any immediate inquiries. Once a visitor lands on the temporary site, they are greeted with some potential next steps – one being they can start chatting with us right then if they need to. When a visitor hits the page, they are listed as being Online from our end.

The odd thing is, some of these folks just hang around, without any interaction. For a really long time. The ability to click around doesn’t exist with this temp site (a few download links and some information – that’s about it).


MeeboMe Support


I’m assuming some visitors are called away or open a new tab. It sure makes me think about my own browsing behavior (and how reliable some of these web metrics really are).

I ask the question again – What are you looking at?