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News Flash: Moving Still Sucks

You may already know this, but it might have been a long time since you last moved. I can confirm that moving still sucks.
And I don’t mean moving homes, but moving basically anything. It’s an incredible drain on productivity (at least in the short run), not to mention the amazing amount of stress it puts on the mind and body.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve moved a number of big-ticket items:

  • Our home
  • My computer
  • Our website

The Home

The funny thing is, the home was probably the easiest thing to move. Granted, we had help – a lot of terrific help – but it’s still our stuff. And we need to unpack and place our belongings once the actual physical move is complete.

Still though, it was a lot easier to move the home than it was the computer setup.

The Computer

Over the past few travels, I realized I was efficient enough with the iPad that I didn’t need to lug a laptop and the accompanying cables with me. That meant my MacBook Pro (MBP) was just sitting on my desk, acting as my main computer. It wasn’t going anywhere, so why not just jump in with both feet.

That was the easy part. Moving all the files and programs from a MBP to a Mac Mini (MM) was a bit of a chore. I lost a few days, at the very least, due to Lion killing the MPB, then setting up the MM and realizing the hard drive was bad (and having to return it to Apple), then actually setting up the MM.

Apple has a nice migration utility, and I use Time Machine so restoring files wasn’t nearly as challenging as it was a few years ago. Still, it still sucked.

Naturally, when I had the MM up and running, we moved to our new home.

The Website

Finally, we moved websites – not just the hosting or the domains or the content, but the whole thing. This created a bit of disruption, no matter how hard we tried to keep it to a minimum.

This wasn’t so difficult as we’re pretty good at documenting our technical details, but it still sucked.


Why am I thinking about this? We’re wrapping these moves up, so it’s fresh in my mind. But I also read Fred Wilson’s post this morning, There will be no files in the cloud and it got me thinking.

Yeah, this is what we should be doing. In case we move, the accessibility to the information we need most is still available to us. Not locked up on some hard drive that we need to unpack, plug in, boot up, log in, and open.

That’s too much, and may lead to moving not sucking.