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The Best Telephone for the Home Office

Ok, it’s time for me to geek out a bit.
Here’s the thing – I’m a keyboard guy. The less I have to do using the mouse, the better it is. By picking up my hand from the keyboard to perform a mouse task takes little time. But, over the course of an entire day / week / month / year, it eats up quite a bit of time.

Staying with this principle, I don’t like using the phone. It’s not that I don’t like talking on the phone, or talking with people, it’s just using the phone is so very inefficient. Imagine:

You’re working on a document / program / website. Deep into it. Headphones are on. Kanye West is blaring. You are in the zone. Then the phone rings. Your concentration is broken.

You have to find the phone. See who is calling. Answer the phone. Have a conversation. Hang up the phone. Put the phone back in the holder / charger / base. Get back to your document / program / website.

Seems a bit distracting, no?

With a bit of tinkering, I was able to eliminate the entire phone piece. Not the conversation piece. Or the concentration-breaking piece.

Here’s how it works.
I grabbed Telephone by from the Mac App Store. That little app is the big key to the puzzle.

Ok, from there comes a little geekery. I threw in a little Google Voice and sprinkled it with a SIP account. Out came my new telephone.

I now receive a notification on my computer that someone is calling me (via Telephone). Since it’s going through my Google Voice account, I also see who it is that’s calling me. With a click of a mouse button (blah), I can answer the call (or decline it).

The headphones stay on. I talk through the mic on my computer. It’s all good.

Depending on which Google Voice group the caller is in, it will also ring my mobile.

You know, in case I’m traveling or just away from the, uh, phone.