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Three Reasons Bob Bradley Should Be Removed As USA Head Coach

Soccer in New YorkI think Bradley should be a coach, just not of the US National Team. He’s a good tactician and can handle the day-to-day activities and scheduling that’s needed to keep a team in the right frame of mind for upcoming games.
I just don’t think he should be head coach of the USMNT. Here’s why:

  1. The decision to bring in Bornstein for Cherundolo cost the US the game. Immediately following the injury substitution, Mexico’s scoring spree started. And they all came from the right side, where Bornstein was feebly patrolling. In reality, Mexico should have scored at least three more goals.

    While it’s easy to bash Bornstein and make him the scapegoat (seriously, look at his positioning and marking before each goal), the decision to even have Bornstein on the roster starts with Bradley. The decision to bring him into the match was Bradley’s. (Really? We couldn’t bring Onyewu in the middle and move Bocanegra out to right?)

    This loss is squarely on Bradley’s shoulders.

  2. Michael Bradley is a good player, and will only get better, but his game yesterday was no good. It wasn’t Bornstein bad. I mean, his goal was a peach. But his role is to roam the midfield and distribute after picking the ball from his opponent. He wasn’t at his best yesterday and gave away plenty of balls in the mid-field, which turned into scoring opportunities for Mexico on the counter. Bradley should have subbed Bradley.

    I hate to think it, but is his judgment clouded?

  3. The US is down two goals, and needing some offensive inspiration. With one sub left, Bradley calls on, Kljestan? For Bedoya? No Wondolowski? Yes, Kljestan had created an opportunity in front of the Mexico goal, but he also killed the chance with a silly foul.

    Bradley’s in-game decision-making is lacking. Whether with the subs he made or the subs he should have made.

Bradley is not national team head coach material. He’s good with tactics and planning, which is probably better suited for a day-to-day coaching role. Maybe something in the MLS or even overseas.

I read somewhere yesterday that national teams do not need coaches as much as they need managers. There isn’t a lot of coaching going on at the national level, rather it’s managing players skills, finding the best 11, and then managing the actual games. The tactical stuff can be led by an assistant coach / manager. And maybe that’s the role best suited for Bradley.

But he should not be the head coach of the USMNT.