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Learning Something New, Even If It's Embarrassing

Instapaper with Google Reader Goodness
It’s kind of silly. Embarrassing almost. But it genuinely feels good to learn something new, even if it was staring you in the face for a few years.

For me, this was Instapaper‘s integration with Google Reader. Yes, I used the Read Later link in the browser on the Mac, which I recently updated with a button in Chrome. This makes the entire process of saving an article to read while browsing around so easy.

And even though I knew it existed, I didn’t know how to use Instapaper’s integration with Google Reader. Today, I’m happy (and a little embarrassed) to say I now know.

What led me to actually learn? A few things:

  • I’ve always wanted to understand
  • I am becoming more and more (and more) of a fan of Marco
  • As much as I liked it, I didn’t want to buy the new Reeder App for the Mac (think I’m just maxed out on apps)

I am on my iPad more than anything else, but I still want a way to pick up an article if I’m on the laptop. Using this combo works best for later reading.

If you’re curious, it’s pretty simple. Open Google Reader. View in List mode (ie, Show: List). Click on an interested article. Then click the Instapaper button / Read later link.

Embarrassing, but worth it.