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Top Five iPad Apps for Freelancers

I use my iPad for both consuming and creating stuff. With the addition of a few accessories (bluetooth keyboard and a stylus), it’s become my main computer.

I do still use my MacBook Pro when I need to hop on Photoshop for some creative work or Excel to do some number crunching. But even the need to use these apps on the computer are starting to dwindle. Yes, the screen is small. Yes, multi-tasking can sometimes be lacking. But the benefits of taking my work with me far outweights these potential challenges.

The flip side is that I can do all this work, anywhere and at anytime, especially with the help of these five iPad apps:

  • Blogsy: This will instantly become your content creation and publishing tool of choice, specifically if you utilize WordPress (.com or .org) or / and Blogger. The best part of this app is the team and their development-focus on their customers. Lance and team are off to a terrific start.
  • Fuze Meeting: This one’s relatively new for me. In fact, I’ve been only using it for a week but it’s been really, really helpful. It’s very intuitive, has a number of great features, and the layout is really attractive. There is an iPhone app and accessible via the web app. I was on a Fuze call yesterday and my computer froze up – I just hopped on the iPad and continued the meeting with little interruption. Fantastic.
  • IMO: I’ll be honest, the big reason for including IMO is it’s integration with Skype chat. I like the Skype and AIM apps but I don’t want to toggle back and forth between the two. IMO helps keep all my contacts in one app, easing collaboration and communication.
  • FlipBoard: Another one that will instantly become a favorite. Grab feeds from Twitter, Facebook, specific news sites, etc. The layout is super simple and makes you want to return to the app frequently. The integration with Instapaper (see next app) is a clincher. Simply awesome.
  • Instapaper: I used Instapaper on the computer for a long time. Then, I grabbed the free version for the iPhone. Then I upgraded to the full version when I picked up the iPad. It’s quite possible that I find this app so incredibly useful because I have a WiFi-only iPad so when I’m offline, I’m still able to catch up on some research, news, etc. The integration with FlipBoard, Safari, and many other apps makes this app great. Connecting with the founder’s insights through Twitter and his Build and Analyze podcast makes this app special.

Are these the only apps you need as a freelancer? Probably not and depending on what you are freelancing, these might not even be worth your time. But, these do cover the needs for most of what we freelancers do day-to-day.

Probably goes without saying, but these are in addition to the core apps that come with the iPad. You know, Mail, Calendar, iPod, etc.

These five apps will keep you connected and will help you work whenever / wherever and can help you with planning, research, and collaboration during your next project.

Which apps did I miss? Share your must-have app(s) below.