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Blogsy - Blogging On The iPad, Made Easy

Blogsy App for the iPadI’ve previously discussed the frustrations with blogging on the iPad. There are a number of apps available for doing so but they all seem to fall short of making mobile blogging simple. That seems to be changing with the introduction of the Blogsy app for the iPad.

The app, released recently in the iTunes app store, hooks up to Blogger and WordPress sites, utilizes the fun of swiping and touching on the iPad, and includes a number of features that have been missing in many of the other apps.

I’ve been using the app for a few days now and the experience has been nothing but excellent. Setting up the app to hook into my self-hosted WordPress sites was a bit tricky. I ran into an issue where my title and tagline went missing from my site, and the set up wouldn’t complete. I turned to the Blogsy website posted a question, then emailed the company’s support contact. The issue was solved within hours (doy – fill the fields in). Bingo, I was up and running.

I had a great opportunity to thoroughly test the app as I had to visit the doctor’s office unexpectedly. I packed up the iPad and began putting some thoughts down in the Blogsy app as I sat in the waiting room off and on for a few hours. During that time, I finished up the post and scheduled it for release. Easy as pie.

When I got back home, I hooked back up to the network (WiFi only), and the draft was posted. And it looks great.

A few things I’d like to see in the next version:

  • More feature support when offline
  • Accessibilty to Dropbox
  • Ability to upload images / documents from the iPad itself

Lance and his team have been terrific. They helped me with the initial hiccup and have been really open in talking with folks interested in the app. There’s a wishlist for folks to vote on to make sure the features they want will be taken into consideration during development. Keeping the customer engaged in the success of the app is critical!

If you’re interested in bringing content creation into your iPad process, and have a WordPress / Blogger site, pick up this app. You’ll rediscover the joy of blogging.