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MLS iPad App for Hardcore Soccer Fans

After reading Jack Bell’s article in the NY Times, and being curious to see how far the MLS has come with technology, I picked up the MLS app for the iPad. First impressions? Super nice.
I also use the Fox Soccer app on the iPhone and iPad and the MLS app blows it away, from a usability standpoint. Granted, I’ve yet to watch a live match, but the app really utilizes space well and navigating around is intuitive. It made me want to learn more about the Red Bulls.

So far, the difference between the two apps (FSC v. MLS) is the quality of what is (or what will be) shown. Do I want to spend my time / money watching the EPL and Champions League matches, or MLS games?

Actually, this app might make it easier to get into the MLS. We’ve been to Red Bull Stadium to see a game against the LA Galaxy and it was a lot of fun, and very entertaining (on the field and in the stands).

Guess I should look to see how the blackout rules apply (and that’s a good thing).

Get it here.