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Google Voice & Gmail

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I’ve been using Google Voice since it was GrandCentral, and was thrilled when the invite above showed up in my Gmail inbox. I tried it immediately – the sound was great and it made so much sense. In fact, I moved all my email to Gmail to better manage my communications – voice and electronic. Nice.

In case you haven’t read the news, you can now make calls (and receive them with a Google Voice account) right from your own computer.

Wait, doesn’t Skype already do this?

Yep, but Google does it better. There’s no additional app to run, inbound/outbound calls are free (through 2010 and in the US/Canada only), and it works seamlessly with your contacts and email. It’s really slick.

Now, when you call a Google Voice number, the receiver could be on the mobile/office/other phone, or on their computer, without ever missing a beat.

Super cool.