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Desktop Apps Are So 2002

My friend Mike and I had a quick email chat over the weekend. He suggested a new way to post entries to my blog, and thought I should give it a try.
Here was my response:

the funny thing is, i hardly use apps anymore when i’m on my laptop – if i’m on my laptop, that means i’m at home, which means i have a strong internet connection, which means i use the web (google, wordpress, etc.).

otherwise, i’m on the ipad. it’s completely changed the way i work now.

I went on about how I’d love to see a more beefy, offline-compatible iPad app for WordPress. Still, being able to jot down a few notes and turn them into a post later is a cinch while I’m traveling.

I don’t know if we’re moving away from desktop applications, but I use my laptop maybe 20% as much as I did before I picked up the iPad.

I’m just not using desktop apps as much as I used to.