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An Email Campaign Gone Wrong

The fun part of picking up new technology is figuring out whether and how it fits into your life, and if it will actually add value to what you do. This value can come in a number of different and coupled ways.
When I picked up the iPad, I was excited about its size – since i do a lot of local commuting and traveling, it was the perfect size for what I needed. I picked up the wifi-only version, since I expected to be connected to the Internet whenever it was necessary. Otherwise, I’d pick up a few apps and set up a few processes that would allow me to get stuff done while offline.

The problem with this type of setup is that it exposes some flaws in the way we normally go about our business. Here’s one:

[singlepic id=2 w=400 h=300]

Now, that email misses the mark completely – I have no idea what product or service is being offered at a discount over an extended two week period. I’m offline, yes, but I would assume folks at GoDaddy.com would utilize ALT tags or some other method of getting these details to me, no matter whether I have a fast, slow, or dead connection to their message.

The folks at Vertical Response talked about the importance of using ALT tags in email marketing messages nearly 3 years ago. Time to get back to the basics?