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Email Bankruptcy, The Lite Version

Fred Wilson talks about the benefits and costs of emailing, leading to occassional email bankruptcy announcements. I always thought that was crazy, but I’m starting to feel the email pain.
I certainly receive no where near the amount of email others receive, but it’s enough where I need to start thinking about other solutions.

From early April to the first week of May, the number of unread emails in my inbox grew from a manageable hundred to an unmanageable thousand. There wasn’t one event that precipitated this situation, it was a number of situations. This happens to me fairly regularly. [avc.com]

I have tried getting away from email, at least downsizing it as much as possibile, but it’s “killer app” status made it impossible.

I’m not ready to proclaim bankruptcy, but I’m looking for new ways to work with email. Right now, I’m moving more messages to my “Weekend” folder, which is making my weekends less enjoyable.