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First Day: An Important Lesson to Learn

Rolling Up Your Sleeves and Getting Your Hands Dirty

That’s the title of a post from Fred Wilson from earlier this year. It’s always neat to see how successful folks get to the position they are in today, especially the mis-steps and how they dealt with it.

This piece of advice doesn’t only apply to early in your career, either. It has even more of an impact as you mature and grow in your own career, providing valuable insights for a range of people.

I just moved to a new firm, one that I’m really excited about (more on that later). Every opportunity I had during the first few weeks, I made every attempt to learn as much as I could about the operations and people, much like Fred Wilson did:

I met almost every employee and learned what each job entailed. I even did some of the jobs.

I follow this line of thinking no matter which position I’m in. Think about the amount of information you can share the next time the topic comes up: “Oh, you can’t use that size widget because of the radius of the wadget to the wall.”. And you can back it up.

The by-product of rolling up your sleeves is that you get the respect of everyone in the company. New to a company or position? Give it a try.