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Creating Customer Loyalty, A Real-World Example

Not too long ago, our team attended a conference in San Francisco, CA. As a vendor, we were tasked with putting together a booth, materials, etc, which kept us plenty busy and since most of us were arriving from out of town, timing and communication became critical.
While the conference provided a terrific venue to meet current clients and customers, as well as develop relationships with new ones, I wanted to take advantage of being in a geographic location that I’m not in all too often.

So, I made a plan. Then chatted with some folks about it. Then tested it. Then tweaked it. Then tested it. Then let it loose.

Fundamentally, this was an exercise in communications and time management. However, it was pitched as a sales and marketing outreach initiative intended to accomplish the following goals:

  • A direct marketing push to those clients in specific geographical areas
  • A direct sales opportunity to clients needing additional services and products
  • A direct marketing opportunity to introduce company to potential clients
  • A direct sales opportunity to introduce services and products to potential clients

I don’t think this will work for everyone, but it was a great experience for me. Once I had the concept nailed down, I began using the same process in and around my office in New York, NY.

Feel free to download the paper (PDF) with no restrictions from the link below. After your review, I’d enjoy hearing your comments.

Creating Customer Loyalty, A Real-World Example