Cable a La Carte - We're Getting There

Apple TV. (We’re slowly drinking the Apple Home Entertainment Kool-Aid).
We dumped cable awhile back. Sorry, I couldn’t rationalize spending so much money every month when we certainly weren’t getting that much out of it. And the service was terrible. It was all bad. Bad, bad, bad.

So, we cut the cable cord. I’ll be honest, it was much more difficult for me – while I don’t watch a lot of TV, I do watch a lot of LIVE televison. This does not (currently) exist with the Apple TV. So, I had to figure out a few things, but that was just a behavior change that took a few days to adjust to.

We now only pay for programs when we want to watch them. When we’re asleep, or traveling, or just not plugged into the TV, our bill isn’t being rung up. That’s the best part.

We’re still re-learning how to watch TV – there’s no me channel surfing if we’re not sure what we want to watch. On the flip side, I’ve picked up four new books – since I’m not sure I know what I want to watch, and that option is no longer there, I tend to pick up a book (or the iPhone) instead.

Baseball games? I’ve always been a fan of listening to games on the radio vs. watching them on TV (Miller, Krukow, Kuiper, Fleming, and even Ted Robinson – the best!). I do still miss the Sunday morning games on FSC, but I now head over to Liverpool FC for the important news.

Moving from the cable operator to controlling your own shows is kind of like becoming a vegetarian, or at least moving away from red meat. You can still enjoy it (food/TV) but you have to think a bit about what you want to consume (food/TV).

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