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Best Kept Marketing Secrets

A great compilation from a lot of great sources. Reading through the PDF, this one stands out for me (via John Battelle)…

The best kept secret in marketing is to invest your time in eliciting and responding to your customer’s feedback, even if it’s negative . It’s the secret to building a network of evangelists who keep on giving back to your business.

Why is this such a secret? Not a lot of folks put effort into talking with folks who have negative feedback, or at least, give off a negative impression. Our initial reaction is to hide, maybe even bury the feedback so other customers/competitors/employees don’t see it. We can find out a lot about our products/services/marketing from these folks.

Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding, or maybe something even more sinister. Either way, they are letting you know, which others might have dismissed. In other words, they are willing to contact you, and express their thoughts. Isn’t this the beginning of a conversation?

Isn’t that what most marketing professionals aim for?