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Rebuilding A Foundation

Rebuilding A Foundation


William Anderson, My Portfolio: Go2Group Website - Rebuilding A Foundation

William Anderson, My Portfolio: Go2Group Website – Rebuilding A Foundation


With little attention over the previous 18 months, the Go2Group website had lost its focus and needed a refresh. Since the website needed both front-end and back-end updates, I decided to rebuild the site using WordPress and a theme created by StudioPress.


  • Mobile: Go2Group is a mobile company at its core, with consultants and staff on the road most of the time. Having a mobile-enabled website, both from a visitor and administrator perspective, was vital.

  • Manageable: The site needed to be simple to manage. From adding new content to extending the site features through plugins, the manageability was a major concern.

  • Modular: The ability to share content is simplified through social media, email, webinars, and other channels. The new website must take advantage of these new mediums by integrating them as a core feature.

  • Navigation: As I traveld to conferences, the one comment I heard from website visitors was the site was difficult to navigate. There was no menu consistency and finding information on the company, its products, and it’s services was a chore.


  • Mobile: The move to WordPress as the foundation for the company’s website / content management system quickly enabled many goals to be achieved, including mobile. As many themes are now being updated for responsive designs, visitors receive the same experience when visiting the website, irrespective of the size of their screen. Having the ability to now update content “as it happens” is crucial during live events (such as tradeshows, conferences, etc.).

  • Manageable: Using WordPress’ admin console has made the administration simple.

  • Modular: Adding Twitter, web chat, blog, and rotating banners has helped keep the content on the site fresh and engaging, and allows visitors to engage with the company with the click of a button.

  • Navigation: Menus have been built on industry standards and have bene consolidate to reduce visitor confusion. A search box has been added to the site and a second navigation menu has been added to highlight current trends.


  • Marketing: SEO, SEM, Social, Landing pages, Navigation, Email, Copy writing, Creative

  • Technology: WordPress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, SugarCRM, HTML / CSS, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, YouTube

  • Leadership: Project management, Team management, Cross-team and partner discussions


Additional enhancements include surveys and forms to engage and interact with visitors. The previous link to the company’s CRM system remained in place to ensure product- / service-specific queries were assigned to the appropriate resource. Finally, the company utilizes Atlassian Confluence for product documentation.

Link: Go2Group website, www.go2group.com


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