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Bringing A Product To Market

Bringing A Product To Market


William Anderson, My Portfolio: Go2Group JaM Plugin - Bringing A Product To Market



The company was initially a services-only company, building the occasional proprietary solution for specific clients. As one solution began to produce more inquiries, I pushed to make it a commercial product.

As a services-based company, there wasn’t much experience with developing a plan to launch and support the JaM Plugin as a generally available product. Over the next five years, more products were released to the public using the JaM product plan as a template.



  • Process: Build a repeatable release process. While we worked with clients to automate their development and release processes, I needed to implement an internal formal release process.
  • Support: Build a dependable support team. As a services team, we provided support through support agreements and contracts. I needed to instill confidence in our product customers that support would be available when needed.
  • Revenue: Build a revenue model for future growth. We needed to ensure value was built into future updates and upgrades so recurring revenue through maintenance remain high.
  • Partners: Build a partner network to extend revenue, visibility. We needed help from our partners – resellers, OEM, vendors – to create more visibility within our market.



  • Process: Tools from Atlassian and Perforce for code control and release were used to help the entire team to remain current on releases and to stay in tune to next steps. An internal release plan was mapped out using Confluence and JIRA.
  • Support: Documentation was provided using a publicly-exposed wiki space (using Atlassian Confluence). Teams from the United States and Asia supported incoming customer requests through a publicly-exposed project in Atlassian JIRA. Product updates and news were communicated via the website and an internal CRM system (SugarCRM).
  • Revenue: Although pricing and licensing details have changed from the initial release, sales of new licenses and maintenance renewals remain strong, building a product that earned sales in the millions of dollars.
  • Partners: Strong partnerships were built with enterprise organizations in the United States and Europe, including Hewlett-Packard, Atlassian, and proficom AG.


    • Marketing: SEO, SEM, Landing pages, Navigation, Splash screens, Copy writing, Creative, PR
    • Technology: WordPress, Atlassian Confluence, Atlassian JIRA, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Atlassian Marketplace, Google Analytics, Perforce SCM, SugarCRM
    • Leadership: Product management, Project management, Time management, Partner management



    The process used to release the Go2Group JaM Plugin was used for several other products from Go2Group.


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