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Connect In Person

Connect In Person


William Anderson, Portfolio: Connecting With Your Community - Conferences, Meetings



While face-to-face meetings are incredibly valuable for everyone involved, building onsite meetings can be time-consuming and complex projects.

The Work From Home meeting was created in 2011 as a means to bring remote workers together at a local venue to network and discuss the success and challenges of working out of the office. Membership has grown to nearly 100 members, with a second meeting added to the July 2012 schedule.



The goal of the Work From Home meeting is to gain experience with local sponsorships, contacting and managing speaker engagements, and promoting an offline event.

In addition, providing an event for like-minded professionals to network and connect is both fulfilling and rewarding.



The meetings started in August 2011 and have grown from a handful of attendees to a regular attendance in the 10 – 20 range.

Speakers have included local writers, PR representatives, and sole proprietors.

Sponsors have included the largest soccer meetup in New York and a popular social networking iOS app.



  • Marketing: Integrated marketing, Email, Social, SEO, SEM, Landing pages, Local sponsorships, Speaking engagements, Partner marketing
  • Technology: WordPress, Eventbrite, Google Analytics, Google Docs, Twitter, Google+, MailChimp
  • Leadership: Project management, Time management, Event management



Initial meetings were limited to one per month and have recently been extended to two meetings per month. A third meeting is being planned for Brooklyn.

These meetings have given me the experience and confidence to plan for larger events, including HP DISCOVER conferences (in Vienna and Las Vegas) and Atlassian Summit (in San Francisco).


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