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Attendee Engagement

Attendee Engagement


William Anderson, Portfolio: Attendee Engagement - Webinars



Webinars are terrific opportunities to connect directly with your community. Whether it’s a product demo or a company update, a webinar is an opt-in activity that allows you to directly reach your audience.

The key to successful webinars is to raise the engagement level between attendees, which I was able to create by re-branding Go2Group webinars as fire-side chats. The goal was to provide a topic of interest and a panel of experts available to provide responses to questions and feedback directly from the attendees.



Our broader goal, along with our partner, was to increase visibility on specific services and offerings available to the marketplace. With the webinar set up as a ‘fire-side chat’, our short-term goal was to have attendees directly ask the panelists questions by opening up the audio line to create a one-to-one discussion.



  • Direct Sales: Landed a week-long engagement with a Fortune 500 company focused on Agile training.
  • Attendance: The number of registrants who attended continued to increase, with over 70% of registrants attending a specific webinar.
  • Partners: The popularity and success of the webinars attracted other partners who wished to join a future session.



  • Marketing: Integrated marketing, Email, Social, SEO, SEM, Landing pages, Navigation, Splash screens, Copy writing, Creative
  • Technology: WordPress, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Skype, Keynote, PowerPoint, GoToMeeting, Google Analytics, Google Docs, Twitter, Google+
  • Leadership: Project management, Time management, Team management, Interviewing, Event management



These webinars were part of a monthly series of fire-side chats. Additional webinars included product demos and discussion, meet the developer, and product updates.


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