1:1 with Wil

An expert in delivering B2B marketing projects for organizations of all sizes, my background is in business development, marketing, media relations, technology and telecommunications. I've delivered successful communications and marketing projects for global enterprises and one-person businesses for more than two decades.

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How I can help you

I can provide professional advice and feedback on an upcoming marketing, communications or digital project. Whether for your team, your project or yourself, I can help you get noticed.

Mainly, I can help answer the question:

I didn't know you did that?

Provide an agenda you'd like to focus on (you will drive the agenda of this call):

  • Discussion topics
  • Specific questions
  • Desired project outcomes

I will provide feedback and insights based on my experience and expertise during our call, and I'll share my notes with you after.

This is a terrific, small investment to help plan and deliver future marketing and communications projects in a modern, more visible way.

Mentor session

To set up a session with me...

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  2. Schedule: Once you've purchased a single session, you will be redirected to a calendar to find a time on our schedules to set up the session.
  3. Agenda: Please include an agenda you'd like to discuss – You will drive the agenda of this call. Include discussion topics, specific questions, desired project outcomes – whatever you need experienced insights to help drive your success.
  4. Session: I will provide you feedback in our session along with written responses to your topics, questions, outcomes, etc.
  5. Follow up: I'll share my notes with you after.



  • Payments: Purchases placed securely through Stripe.
  • Refunds: Purchases cannot be refunded.
  • Cancellations: I get it. Stuff happens. Please cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled session.
  • Reschedule: If you need to reschedule, please contact me directly.
  • Processing: Payments are processed by my B2B marketing and communications studio: The New Communicate, LLC.